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In my opinion, there isn’t a more beautiful dance than ballet, specifically classical ballet, and I don’t blame you for wanting to learn this type of dance. Ballet lessons can be pricey but that shouldn’t stop you from fulfilling your dream. You can start your journey now and learn ballet at home online with effective, instructional videos even if you’ve never taken a ballet class.
However, there is one important component to studying ballet especially when doing it from home, and that is, you will need to have an experienced teacher who can show you, step-by-step, the techniques through videos online.
Ballet is not only about emoting and being graceful. It is a very technical dance and as such, an expert and effective ballet teacher is of primary importance.
Whenever you’re ready and able to, do take classes at a local studio. There really is no substitute to learning ballet properly other than taking lessons from an experienced onsite instructor.
If you are currently taking lessons, good instructional videos will show you how to vastly improve your ballet technique in the privacy of your home and will enable you to take your classes with more self-confidence and poise.
Sure, you can watch all those ballet lesson videos on the Internet to learn ballet. However, they are not structured to teach you step-by-step how to get started and gently guide you to the level you want to be in. Besides, the videos are all over the place and you wouldn’t even know where to begin.
Would you like to cut to the chase and start ballet lessons today?
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Too old to take up ballet?


Do you think you’re too old to take up ballet? Maybe you quit ballet and are eager to come back to it. It’s never too late to take it up again. I have a friend who’s in her 60s and she takes ballet lessons for seniors together with women in their 80s (wearing ballet flats, of course, and not en pointe or “on the tips of the toes.”) How cool is that!
Ballet makes bodies more flexible and limber which can hopefully avoid injuries. It will also teach you proper posture which is priceless and will be with you forever. You won’t get to 90 years old and be stooped as long as you do your ballet exercises diligently. Besides, having great posture makes you look younger :).
For starters, let me show you a video that’s certain to inspire you and will make you want even more to learn the beautiful art of ballet.
Presenting the “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” from “The Nutcracker” performed by the Bolshoi Ballet, music by Pyotor Ilyich Tchaikovsky.


I’ve watched this video countless times and never tire of it. The performance is perfection and the ballet music by Tchaikovsky is beautiful.
There are more beautiful ballet videos here.
Can’t wait to begin your ballet lessons in the privacy of home?
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Ballet Warm Up How To


Whether you decide to learn ballet at home or take classes, do warm up and cool down before the lesson. What is the theory behind the warm up? Actually, there are differing opinions as to whether it is important to warm up before exercise and cool down after. But since warming up and cooling down is easy and safe, it is encouraged to do so.
According to the Mayo Clinic, warming up and cooling down can reduce your risk of injury and improve your performance. Warming up before exercise gets the cardiovascular system going, body temperature rises and blood flow to your muscles is increased, all of which prepares the body for exercise. The process that the body goes through is pretty complex, but I’m going to attempt to simplify it here.
The video below will give you some tips on what you can do to warm up before a ballet lesson. Follow these tips to avoid injury and improve your stamina and performance.



After approximately 10+ minutes of warm up, arteries open up and blood flow to the muscles is increased bringing about an increase in muscle temperature. This heat causes the molecule that carries oxygen in red blood cells (hemoglobin) to release oxygen faster thus resulting in improved performance. You can find out more about this process here.
Cooling down is somewhat like warming up. You continue whatever exercise you’re doing at a reduced pace and wind down slowly. Adding stretching to your cooling down process also decreases risk of injury.

Now that you know how to warm up before a ballet lesson, you can pick up a guide to learn ballet at home by clicking this link.

Ballet Exercises to Learn at Home


 Can Adults Learn Ballet?


You might think that an adult body would not be pliable enough for ballet. That’s just not accurate because it would be like saying it’s too late for adults to exercise. Ballet is a type of exercise and I’m sure you’ve heard of NFL football players like Lynn Swann using ballet as a tool to improve flexibility, strength and control.
If this is your first exposure to ballet and have decided to learn ballet at home, only perform the steps that you can execute easily, go slow and don’t push hard. The key to learning ballet safely and effectively is to very gradually go from one level to the next with comfort and ease.


Ballet Barre Workout

Watch this beginners ballet class below performed at the barre. The lesson is conducted by British-born ballet master David Howard who has worked with Rudolf Nureyev, Mikhail Baryshnikov and Gelsey Kirkland among others.


 Ballet Dance Moves and Edgar Degas

Here’s another take on a ballet lesson. The video pertains to Edgar Degas who is famous for depicting ballet dancers in his paintings.

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 Natalia Makarova and Ivan Nagy in White Swan Pas de Deux


Have I got a treat for you! There are many beautiful ballet videos on the Internet. In order to make your experience on my Web site an informative and enjoyable one, I went through a lot of them and chose what I think is the best of what I had previewed.

This particular White Swan Pas Des Deux from Swan Lake performed in 1984 by Natalia Makarova and Ivan Nagy with Itzhak Perlman (violinist) and Lynn Harrell (cellist) for the Met’s centennial gala is a knockout, especially with all this talent put together in one performance. Ms. Makarova was 42 years old at that time and Ivan Nagy, Makarova’s favorite partner, had retired years earlier but was convinced by Ms. Makarova to partner with her for this occasion.
I hope you enjoy this performance as much as I do. Natalia Makarova’s movements are so fluid and Tchaikovsky’s ballet music so hauntingly beautiful that watching this always brings me to tears :(.

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